Mercedes-Benz Genuine Car Care Products.Care from the experts.

Your Mercedes has been through a lot. But that doesn't need to be written all over it.

Life is full of surprises. A parking pollard, gravel, bulky transported loads, rough weather or another vehicle can leave unpleasant traces and marks on your Mercedes: from a little scrape to major accident damage.That's why there is a comprehensive concept for the elimination of the most diverse kind of material damage.

Mercedes-Benz RepairTM. The bodywork, paint, glass programme from the experts. The safety and the visual quality of your Mercedes are restored down to the last detail, both in the vehicle interior and its exterior, too. In order to preserve its long-term value.

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With the genuine car care products from Mercedes-Benz your car's looks are maintained brilliantly. More: Find out how to protect your Mercedes against negative environmental influences, efficiently ensuring its long-term value retention.