Like you, right.

The great thing about the new A-Class isn’t the Mercedes-Benz User Experience multimedia system or the many personalisation options – it’s getting to know a car that gets to know you

Exterior design.

The new A-Class speaks for itself: clear, organic forms and reduced lines. A unique mix that makes for a sporty and exciting design. The new A-Class Saloon interprets the 3-box design more sportily than ever before.

Interior design.

Get as personal as you want with the new A-Class. With personalisation options found everywhere it’s safe to say - it’s yours, truly. A revolutionary A-Class at the front. Behind it, the new saloon offers even more of everthing more space, more comfort, simply even more A-Class.


The new A-Class provides many things to protect you and other road users better in an emergency. Thanks to Active Brake Assist, it can warn you in event of an imminent collision and brake autonomously in an emergency. So you know you’re in good hands at all times.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

A completely new way of operating a vehicle.

The new, intuitive MBUX multimedia system was made just for one person in the entire world: for you. That's why every detail can be precisely adjusted to your wishes, your driving style and your requirements. With a hand-movement on the touchpad, on the steering wheel or, for the first time, also on the new touchscreen.

Typical A-Class, always looking forwards. Eyes forward, works completely automatically with the head-up display in the new A-Class.

Knows the way to your new flat. And your habits. MBUX, the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience, makes the new A-Class more intelligent than ever before. Every day it learns something and, above all, gets to know its driver a little better.

There is a great deal to discuss. Thanks to the optional, brand new LINGUATRONIC voice control system the new A-Class listens. But it does much more than just listen: it understands you without you having to learn commands. And it speaks with you.

Operation with a certain touch. Imagine you could operate an entire car with just your little finger. Perfect, right? Then we would like to present to you the touchpad, with which you can set almost everything.

Wireless Charging, it's a nuisance having a charging cable with you all the time. With wireless charging you no longer need them. To charge your smartphone, just lay it in the centre console.